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Guinness Book of Records Demo Derby Attempt for Murray Bridge

Murray Machining & Sheds Speedway in Murray Bridge South Australia is pulling on a Guinness Book of World Records attempt in April 2018.

The historic South Aussie Speedway nestled above the iconic Murray River is calling for entrants in a smashing affair that organisers hope will break the current GBOWR standard held in New Zealand.

The record was set some 15 years ago and organisers firmly believe that it’s time the benchmark was held in Australia.

The largest ever demolition derby had 123 participants and took place at Todd & Pollock Speedway, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, on 16 March 2002.

It took 47 minutes before the winner, the last mobile car, emerged. Although there have been larger demolition derby events, involving several races, this is the largest single race that Murray Bridge Speedway is aware of.

“We already have a commitment of almost 70 cars,” says Murray Machining & Sheds Speedway representative Darren Shaddock, “so we’re well over half way to the car count we need and we’ve not long announced the whole concept. We feel confident that we can break the record.”

It’s not just South Australians who have shown interest in competing and being a part of history either with daredevil drivers from as far afield as Tasmania offering their eligibility.

If you’re interested in entering a car into the Guinness Book of World Records Demolition Derby please email

The event is scheduled for April 2018 and numbers are filling fast.

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