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This weekend, Saturday, April 17 will see the running of the 'Demolition Derby World Record Attempt' to be held at Murray Machining & Sheds Speedway, Murray Bridge.

This will be Murray Bridge Speedway's third attempt at breaking the record, with the current record set in Canada on 3rd August 2019, with 125 cars participating in a single Demo Derby event.

“We really want to break the record,” Venue Administrator Darren Shaddock said, “this will be our third attempt and we really want it this time around.”

The venue’s previous best attempt was in 2019, with 113 cars participating in the event, before last year’s attempt was postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Many locals are really getting behind the event, including the Murray Bridge Fire Station, who have decked out their Toyota Corolla Rescue ‘000’ entry (pictured).

With 115 cars already nominated to enter the U-Pull-It sponsored night, the venue is on track to better their own attempt, but the hype is certainly building up to what may be a new world record.

...and if they do happen to break the existing record?

“Then there would be nothing better to see 150 cars next year to beat our own new record,” Shaddock added.

The night’s event will also see the running of the MJS Street Stock Series, with cars travelling from around the state to contest the series.

Nominations include the current Top 4 in the Series Point Standings after the first 3 Rounds, with Nathan Thorne the series points leader (435 points), followed by Jayden Edwards (416 points), Sam Brumfield (416 points) and Nigel Reichstein (415 points). They are joined by Street Stock regulars Carey Weston and Craig Buchanan who have both enjoyed feature wins here this season.

Super Sedans, Wingless Sprints and Modlites round out the support sections on the night.

Event Details:
Demolition Derby World Record Attempt
Presented by U-Pull-It
Saturday, April 17, 2021
Plus MJS Street Stock Series, Super Sedans, Wingless Sprints & Modlites
Gates open 4pm, Racing from 5pm. Demolition Derby at approx. 9.30pm.
Canteen, food vans & bar facilities open on the night.

Tickets are selling fast via:

Photo: Demolition Derby participant Troy Frisby pictured with his 000 entry, alongside fellow entrant Murray Bridge Fire Station Officer Nick Stephen.

MJS Street Stock Series
S2 Anthony Buchanan
S3 Albert Fell
S4 Ben Tuttle
S7 Craig Buchanan
S8 Paul Hayes
S14 Nigel Reichstein
S16 Jake Hamilton
S17 Carey Weston
S22 Tony Prideaux
S33 Bryan Brown
S36 Adrian Jones
S42 Jamie Owens
S44 Heath Thorne
S49 Aaron Tyler
S52 Sam Brumfield
S53 Nathan Thorne
S59 Haydon Jolly
MDA79 Wade Fell
S87 Jayden Edwards
S96 Wayne Fosteris
S101 Ayden Powell

Super Sedans
S22 Paul Blenkiron
S42 Shane Lambe
S58 Neville Nitschke
S63 Kym Cottrell
S66 Sarah Pope
S93 Kym Jury
S99 Driver TBA

Wingless Sprints
S1 Joel Chadwick
S6 Norm Moore
S7 Melissa Crouch
S11 Tyson Martin
S14 Matthew Tyler
S25 Ben Cartwright
S26 Ryan Furler
S33 Brad Evans
VX40 Jeremy Pearson
S41 Bronson Mauro
S47 Anthony Tapley
S50 Jordan Bolitho
S53 Nicole Southby
S58 Nate Trewin
S67 Jacob Childs
S71 Brett Ireland
S77 Mick Barker
S82 Caleb Evans
S84 Jesse Alexander
S91 Brent Fox
S96 Robert Heard

S0 Brook Alexander
S5 Luke Fraser
S9 Patrick Hewitt
S15 Dylan Richter
S18 Paige Charleson
S29 Jacob Carlier
S32 Scott Webb
S73 Justin Chadwick

Demo Derby
Early Nominations = 115
Late nominations still being accepted - but you'll have to wait until Saturday night to find out the total tally! Can we break the record???

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